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YouTube video of Rackham financial advice

Intro to financial aid and scholarships for U-M students. Covers common types of expenses & funding, characteristics of graduate school funding, finding information about funding, understanding the terms of an award, info about the Rackham Fellowships Office, and more.

Ripple Effect Activity

This worksheet helps students to think through the impact of their actions on their immediate circle, the campus community, and society as a whole. Designed for guided group sessions, it allows students to reflect individually on their own actions before sharing them with the wider group.

Resume Feedback

On-demand feedback is provided via VMOCK and Targeted Resume so you can continually update and improve your resume whenever you may need it. Students can use this site to ensure that their resume is tailored to each job description; the feedback process lasts less than 30 seconds.

Self-Love for Activists Workbook

Designed to support student activists with the tools and skills that they need to develop their work as activists, views, and attitudes towards wellness-promoting behaviors, this workbook consists of information sheets, worksheets, and resource guides that students can work through individually or in a group setting.

Slides: Co-Creating A Culture of Well-Being On Campus

These slides encourage students to think about their holistic well-being, both on an individual and collective level. Can be adapted for graduate and undergraduate students, and for different departments and disciplines. You can use the slides all together, or select sections to guide a discussion or activity focused on well-being.

Spheres of Influence

This worksheet provides a diagram and prompts that encourage individuals to think about circles in which they have resources and relationships, and how they can leverage those circles to influence change. Facilitators can guide students through the four spheres of influence.

Strengths Exercise

Ask students to identify 4-5 personal strengths and then ask them about how they exhibit these strengths in their lives. Respond by reflecting what you hear and affirming them. Shift the conversation to challenges, issues, stressors, or behavior changes that the student may be experiencing and ask them how they can use the strengths.

Sweetland Writing Guides

These guides cover a wide range of writing techniques such as understanding an assignment, incorporating quotations, abstracts, checking citations, and presenting results from experiments in reports. The guides typically contain a brief overview of the concept in question, and a set of explanations and examples.

University Career Alumni Network (UCAN)

The Career Center provides students with access to the University Career Alumni Network (UCAN). Current students can connect with U-M alumni and other professionals who have volunteered to have career-related conversations. Students can simply sign in, search for alumni who share their interests, and find a time to talk.

Values Cards

This document contains a set of cards, each of which contains a value such as trust, logic, or teamwork, and a short definition. You can use these cards to help structure various discussions with students about how values align to behaviors and actions.