Well-being Collective Common Agenda

The Well-being Collective Common Agenda and measurements will be identified during the 2022-2023 academic year and added to this page as they are ready to share. 

The common agenda will be a vision for change shared by all participants that includes a common understanding of the present and a joint approach to an aspirational future through agreed-upon systems and policy change.

Student Mental Health Innovative Approaches Review Committee Themes

Outlined below are the four themes identified by the Student Mental Health Innovative Approaches Review Committee Report in August 2021 and the progress made in these areas to date:

Theme 1:

Utilize a holistic approach to create a strategic plan and comprehensive infrastructure of faculty, staff and students for addressing complex health and wellness needs of undergraduate, graduate and professional students. 


Theme 2:

Foster a culture of empathy, care, and compassion to mitigate academic and other forms of stress in our community. 


  • Continued and expanded Resource Navigator program 
  • Augmenting faculty and staff capacity to support and refer
  • Continuing academic policy efforts
  • Expanding Parent and Family engagement efforts
  • Increasing New Student Orientation offerings and efforts 
  • Working with campus communicators to increase awareness of efforts: Comprehensive communications plan and web presence 

Theme 3:

Strengthen the continuum of care for students through innovation and ongoing improvement in service offerings and coordination to address the complex health and wellness needs of undergraduate, graduate, and professional students. 


Theme 4:

Ensure that the wealth of resources available on campus is visible and easily accessible. 


  • Mapping out the breadth of existing resources 
  • Refined and connected existing web-based resources 
  • Beta tested Wolverine Life (previously known as Rah Rah), a mobile app that identifies activities and services tailored to individual students’ interests and needs
  • Piloting Wolverine Life with new-to-UM students in Fall 2022
  • Launching an awareness campaign and a website providing tools and information
  • Developing dashboards to track the progress of our efforts