Helping Leaders Feel Their Best

Living, learning and working at a top university can be both exciting and challenging at times. Many of us want to find ways to manage stress, sleep better and feel less anxious. There are a wide range of services and opportunities available at U-M that can help you thrive — from wellness classes and apps to useful information and counseling options.

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Students can access 6 free virtual counseling appointments per year through Uwill. Choose from a diverse network of mental health providers licensed in all 50 states and worldwide.

Resources for Students

Some of the primary well-being services for students at U-M include:

Continuum of Care

View the full continuum of mental health care services available at the University of Michigan.

Dean of Students Office

Provides support services to students and manages critical incidents impacting students and the campus community.

Wellness Coaching

A great resource to help students if they’re feeling stuck or want to work through barriers to achieving overall wellness.

Learn more about wellness coaching
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Workshops & Groups (CAPS)

Groups for undergraduate and graduate students offering support and understanding.

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Well-being Academy

The Well-being Academy provides a variety of trainings for faculty and staff in support of student well-being.

Information For Parents & Families

Access information and resources at U-M that can help your student feel their best and make the most of their time on campus.

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Workplace Well-being Resources

Programs and resources available to help staff and faculty thrive.


Support your body, mind and mood through a variety of programs and resources to help you be your best at work and home.

Occupational Health Services

Access services, including vaccinations, workplace injury evaluation and treatment, physical therapy, respiratory testing, and more.

Physical Activity

Move more with in-person and virtual physical activity classes, university-wide challenges, walking maps and more.


Eat well with MHealthy’s vending and dining program, recipes, cooking classes, Nourish Your Whole Self intuitive eating program, cooking videos and more.


Your workspace should fit your needs. Find self-help tools, set up a virtual or in-person consultation, apply for an ergonomics grant and more.

Tobacco and Alcohol Services

Access a broad range of tobacco treatment options as well as our confidential educational program to help manage mild to moderate alcohol problems.

Michigan Medicine Wellness Office

Dedicated to improving well-being, reducing professional burnout, and creating a caring, safe environment where all at Michigan Medicine can thrive.

Workshops & Classes

Explore a variety of workshops and classes that can help U-M faculty and staff stay healthy, happy and inspired.