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Well Being Collective Signature

Wellness Coaching Self-Awareness Worksheet

This worksheet provides a framework to help students identify triggers for behaviors or thought patterns that they wish to change, the thoughts, feelings and behaviors associated with those triggers, and the positive and negative outcomes that result from them. Invite students to reflect on a situation that they find difficult or challenging.

Values Cards

This document contains a set of cards, each of which contains a value such as trust, logic, or teamwork, and a short definition. You can use these cards to help structure various discussions with students about how values align to behaviors and actions.

University of Minnesota’s Well-Being Screening Tool

The University of Minnesota has developed “Taking Charge of Your Well-Being”, a short, interactive quiz that consists of 13 questions. Users respond to a series of questions that address the main aspects of well-being and receive a customized set of tips based on their answers.

Thriving Scale

This tool is typically used in a reflection space to help someone process where they may fall on the Thriving scale. It can be used to structure a discussion about thriving, striving and surviving based on students’ current experiences.

Strengths Exercise

Ask students to identify 4-5 personal strengths and then ask them about how they exhibit these strengths in their lives. Respond by reflecting what you hear and affirming them. Shift the conversation to challenges, issues, stressors, or behavior changes that the student may be experiencing and ask them how they can use the strengths.

Slides: Co-Creating A Culture of Well-Being On Campus

These slides encourage students to think about their holistic well-being, both on an individual and collective level. Can be adapted for graduate and undergraduate students, and for different departments and disciplines. You can use the slides all together, or select sections to guide a discussion or activity focused on well-being.

Ripple Effect Activity

This worksheet helps students to think through the impact of their actions on their immediate circle, the campus community, and society as a whole. Designed for guided group sessions, it allows students to reflect individually on their own actions before sharing them with the wider group.

Pros-Cons Table

Use this tool to push students beyond looking at simple pros and cons of a given behavior. The table is followed by two additional prompts that encourage the student to reflect on why they might not engage in the behavior at a given time and the most important reason for changing the behavior.

My Self-Care Plan

Use this worksheet to help students identify ways they can prioritize their well-being, even when they feel like they don’t have enough time. Invite students to reflect on small ways they can attend to their own mental health and well-being as part of their daily routine or when they feel overwhelmed.

Meditations for Eco Anxiety

The Yale Forum on Religion and Ecology has compiled a set of videos that people can access if they are experiencing climate and eco-related anxiety or distress. There are videos that focus on meditation and relaxation strategies, as well as others that discuss additional coping strategies.