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You Soup Recipe Exercise

This activity helps participants to identify and explore social identities, personal identities, and experiences that shape one's health and well-being. Contains guidelines for facilitation, an explanation of the activity with group discussion and feedback, and a copy of the participant worksheet.

Ways Of Being In Dialogue

This guide offers actions to take when engaging in dialogue. Organized into six sections covering topics such as vulnerability, asking questions, and appreciating others’ engagement, the document provides concrete, actionable steps to use in various situations. Individual users can consider how to incorporate these into their own dialogues and exchanges.

Talking Across Difference

This video offers strategies for addressing differences with close family and friends, including being open to other perspectives; thoughtfully introducing people to new interpretations they can appreciate; and maintaining a strong connection to others. It also addresses the PALS approach, microaggressions, and humor for communicating with people who hold different views.

Spheres of Influence

This worksheet provides a diagram and prompts that encourage individuals to think about circles in which they have resources and relationships, and how they can leverage those circles to influence change. Facilitators can guide students through the four spheres of influence.

Self-Love for Activists Workbook

Designed to support student activists with the tools and skills that they need to develop their work as activists, views, and attitudes towards wellness-promoting behaviors, this workbook consists of information sheets, worksheets, and resource guides that students can work through individually or in a group setting.

Pathways To Civic Engagement

This web-based guide offers undergraduate and graduate students multiple ways to contribute to their communities depending on their interests, which not only improves individual well-being but also community-well-being. Each page provides a number of suggestions for actionable steps.

Organizational Learning: Diveristy, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Hosted by Organizational Learning, this series of short videos offers a unique, micro-learning approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Offerings focus on supporting professional and leadership goals as well as institutional initiatives.

Nurturing The Ally In You

This tool is designed for individuals who desire to serve as an ally on behalf of a community. It offers considerations and concrete actionable steps across seven subsections.

Microaggressions: A Primer

This guide provides a brief introduction to microaggressions. It can be used by both facilitators and anyone who wants to learn more about how to recognize and address microaggressions.

Michigan Recycling Video

“Where to Throw” has created an informational video that explains what to recycle in Michigan and how to do so. This site also houses a tool that allows users to quickly check how to recycle or dispose of waste items. All U-M community members can access and use this tool.