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Sweetland Writing Guides

These guides cover a wide range of writing techniques such as understanding an assignment, incorporating quotations, abstracts, checking citations, and presenting results from experiments in reports. The guides typically contain a brief overview of the concept in question, and a set of explanations and examples.

M-LEAD Leadership Opportunities

This flier outlines ways in which students, staff, and faculty may utilize M-LEAD resources to build student competencies across communication, organizational change, reflection, and emotional intelligence. The resources are designed with the aim of supporting students in developing their leadership skills with a focus on creating change.

Managing Social Media and Screentime

This worksheet has been designed to help students reflect on how often they use social media, why they use social media, and how their social media usage impacts other parts of their lives.

MORE Resources

Rackham’s Faculty Committee on Mentoring (MORE) offers a range of resources for graduate students and faculty that are focused on improving mentoring practices. This webpage provides an overview of the workshops, mentoring plans, and guides that this committee offers.

Dissertation E-Coach

Sweetland Center for Writing offers access to the Dissertation E-Coach to graduate students who are working on their first dissertation chapter. This platform consists of an interactive, digital messaging tool that was created by Sweetland faculty.

ELI Self-Study Resources

The English Language Institute offers a selection of online, asynchronous resources for members of the U-M community who were raised or educated in a language other than English. Current offerings include: Self Study e-Resources; ELI Research Guide; and The Genre Archive.

16 Personalities

Students can complete this short interactive quiz in order to identify their personality type and how it can influence aspects of their life. The webpage also offers numerous articles focused on topics such as personal growth and professional development.