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Resume Feedback

On-demand feedback is provided via VMOCK and Targeted Resume so you can continually update and improve your resume whenever you may need it. Students can use this site to ensure that their resume is tailored to each job description; the feedback process lasts less than 30 seconds.

Strengths Exercise

Ask students to identify 4-5 personal strengths and then ask them about how they exhibit these strengths in their lives. Respond by reflecting what you hear and affirming them. Shift the conversation to challenges, issues, stressors, or behavior changes that the student may be experiencing and ask them how they can use the strengths.

University Career Alumni Network (UCAN)

The Career Center provides students with access to the University Career Alumni Network (UCAN). Current students can connect with U-M alumni and other professionals who have volunteered to have career-related conversations. Students can simply sign in, search for alumni who share their interests, and find a time to talk.

Resume Resources

UCC offers a range of sample and template resumes, as well as information about the purpose of a resume, formatting a resume, improving a resume, and optimizing a resume for ATS.

Reflect On The Skills Gained In Your On-Campus Job

Student staff at Student Life can use this worksheet to reflect on the skills that they are building in their on-campus jobs. This process can help students to articulate their transferable skills to future employers or graduate schools. Review with your supervisor or with a career coach.

Getting Ready For The World of Work

The page “Career Readiness” from the University Career Center can help students to develop a variety of skills that employers seek in their new hires. There are eight skills that are related to career readiness: self-development; communication; critical thinking; equity and inclusion; leadership; professionalism; teamwork; and technology.

Identify Your Strengths, Interests, And/Or Personality Type To Help Guide Your Future Decision

There are several tools available through the University Career Center to help ground future career decisions. By using one of these tools you will learn your strengths, help clarify career interests, and better understand the contributions you can make to organizations in the future. Assessments have a fee of $10-20, but full-scholarships are readily available.

Interest Assessment

The O*NET Interest Profiler can help students who are feeling unsure of what they might do when they complete their degrees. Students can use this quick and easy tool on their own to help them identify their interests. Students can bring their results into an appointment with a career coach at the University Career Center to understand how to use the information they learned.

2-Hour Job Search

This worksheet consists of a series of steps and checklists that can help students to make progress in their job search in just two hours. The first step focuses on targeting employers, the second step on reaching out to potential employers, the third step addresses informational interviews, and the fourth step focuses on submitting applications.

Careers Center YouTube Channel

The University Career Center at U-M has its own YouTube channel via which students can access a range of short, informational videos. Topics covered include networking, exploring options, career fairs, gap years, and gaining experience.