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Well Being Collective Signature

Values Cards

This document contains a set of cards, each of which contains a value such as trust, logic, or teamwork, and a short definition. You can use these cards to help structure various discussions with students about how values align to behaviors and actions.

You Soup Recipe Exercise

This activity helps participants to identify and explore social identities, personal identities, and experiences that shape one's health and well-being. Contains guidelines for facilitation, an explanation of the activity with group discussion and feedback, and a copy of the participant worksheet.

Mindful Eating Journal: Reflect To Reconnect

This journal helps students to tune into the practice of intuitive eating. This journal provides space for students to reflect on what they are eating, when they are eating, and how they feel about what they are eating. It begins with a list of tips that guide students through this process.

Pros-Cons Table

Use this tool to push students beyond looking at simple pros and cons of a given behavior. The table is followed by two additional prompts that encourage the student to reflect on why they might not engage in the behavior at a given time and the most important reason for changing the behavior.

CAPS Relaxation Videos

This webpage from CAPS contains links to three guided relaxation videos that have been designed to help with anxiety: a guided muscle relaxation video, a video that aims to help users become more mindful and relaxed, and a relaxing yoga sequence that is suitable for any level of yoga experience.

CAPS Stressbusters App

Students, instructors, staff, and other members of the U-M community can use this link to download the CAPS Stressbusters App. This app offers several interactive features such as daily messages, a break pad, a video stream, emergency buttons, and health rewards.

Consent Pizza Video

In this video, Al Vernacchio discusses new ways to think about sexual activity and sexual education by using pizza as a metaphor instead of metaphors related to baseball, which can encourage people to view sex in relation to mutual pleasure, discussion, and enjoyment instead of framing it as a competition.

Consent Tea Video

This animated video uses a cup of tea as an allegory to discuss consent in various situations. The video can be used for informational purposes as well as to encourage viewers to reflect on and discuss sexual consent.