Well-being Collective Infrastructure

Key components of the Well-being Collective at the University of Michigan include:

Advisory Council: Responsible for overseeing institutional efforts composed of administrators, faculty, staff and students with specific expertise.

Steering Committee: Responsible for coordinating and sustaining long-term focus and goals including revising the Common Agenda, identifying key performance indicators and establishing work teams. Composed of leaders from academic schools/colleges, student life units, and professional, graduate and undergraduate students.

Work Teams: Responsible for implementing identified action items. Comprised of content area experts and diverse stakeholders who are closest to the work.

Expanded Well-being Networks: An expansion of the Student Life Staff Well-being Network includes representatives from academic school and colleges and the creation of a Student Well-being Network with professional, graduate and undergraduate student members.

Backbone Support is provided by Wolverine Wellness with a dedicated Well-being Collective Lead.